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We are a manufacturing & OEM support company. Most of our work is based on customer requirement. We design and manufacture products as per client requirement. The environment of our company strictly follows the data security policy. We welcome our clients to work on NDA terms without any hesitation. We primarily focus on customised designs and manufacturing services. We offer the designing services as well as we entertain customers designs for bulk production. Our company support all types of buyers be it small, medium or enterprise level. We offer our services and products to every segment of interested clients. We love to hear it from our clients. We are considered as the most welcoming company in terms of listening to our clients' needs. We follow through your ideas and suggest the best possible outcome to deliver the finest products to our clients. The horizon of our expertise spans over a large number of segments. We are not limited to any specific sector. We are a multi-speciality manufacturing company. Our director is a designer and ex-electronic engineer who have made if possible to open up our working portfolio to multiple streams of products like home decor, home utility, jewellery, home furnishing, gift & crafts, fashion accessories, furniture, clothing, tableware, kitchenware and many others. Our team is always open to new product suggestions irrespective of the category. We have the sourcing of a plethora different kind of materials like metals, wood, leather, glass, resin, fabrics, stones, bone, horn and others. Over the years we have specialised ourselves in realtime products designing and prototyping. With the help of the latest technology, we tend to serve our customers will express real time designing and prototyping service. It is very important for a client to actually visual or physically experience their design before finalising it. Our company hosts the technology which help them to do so. Thus before taking any final decision on the product we make sure that customer is satisfied with the actual outcome of the product. This saves a lot of precious time and money.