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Realtime 3D Printed Prototyping Service

We offer FDM and SLA modelling and print service to our customer to help them get the feel of their jewellery and handicraft before actually producing it. It cuts down the long waiting time of actually sampling and getting the samples faster and getting the designs finalised in a matter of hours.

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Express Computer Aided Product Designing Facility

We provide the facility of CAD for product designing so our customers have a better perspective of the product prior to actual realisation.

It also helps them to give us an actual picture of their required products before we develop it into a final physical form.

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Handmade Product Designs

Some of our customers love slow jewellery or other lifestyle products. The rawness added by handmade products is incomparable.

Thus we offer them the facility of develop of the products by artisans who have developed expertise in their fields through years of experience.

Custom Made Design Facility

We offer a platform for your client to help them develop designs as per their requirements.

From paper to practical, we have it all to offer.

Electro-Plating Facility

We offer an extensive facility for plating for jewellery & handicraft products.

We have the facility of carat gold/silver/nickel free/plating options for all types of jewellery products.

Laser Cutting and Engraving Facility

A variety of customised products can be developed using the laser facility. It opens a new door for endless possibilities. Our lasers work on metal, wood, leather and other materials as required.

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