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The Foundation Laid

It all started as a side business 9 years ago. The seed of the NIEN were planted from a small home based office. It was dream to explore the endless possibilities of gifted creativity and art. I wanted to put my time and love for art in some form of physical representation. My first love was to become a painter. But somehow that artist was dead during my rigorous engineering years. When I got married in 2011, like mindedness hit the pedal and a mutual interest in art and fashion lead to a new pathway which led to the jewellery industry. At the very beginning we started to tweak the already available design to suit our insight and taste. We used to collect the jewellery items from different parts of India. But we never liked the designs which were available in the market. We found our soul only in the pieces we created and curated. At every step our family supported us. Our customers always appreciated our designs and creativity. The positive feedback and the gesture of happiness in our customers words pushed us further to work harder and become better. For few years, we struggled through different phases to create an establishment among our lovely audience. We wanted to reach to the world. So, the journey was quite long. But you never know what our fate will bring upon us. - Nitesh Agarwal